About Me

I’m Yash and I’m a software engineer in New York City.

Here’s my CV (PDF).

And here’s where I’ve been in my career:

  • At Etsy I hacked on our world-famous continuous deployment pipeline, where we pushed code several times an hour and — with a lot of pluck, daring, and diligence — somehow keep the site running in an atmosphere of constant change.
  • At Google I worked in open source. That meant all kinds of work: I was project lead of an open-source project management toolkit called MOE. I was an engineer on Google Code Project Hosting, specializing in Git. And I lead development of a to-be-open-sourced initiative in MapReduce and Hadoop.
  • At meetMoi, a Soho-based mobile dating service, I was one of three developers doing it all: backend, frontend and design, databases, sysadmin, data gathering and analysis, and keeping things running every single day.
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