I’m Yash and I’m a software consultant in New York City. I build and advise on software, systems, and websites, and I love making developers more productive with the right tools.

My specialty is developer happiness. That means I’m at my best helping teams to make their software practices better, smoother, more mature, and more robust.

In that mission, my strengths are:

  • Developer productivity (building, testing, source control, continuous integration, developer tools, and better engineering processes)
  • Software systems (websites, applications, backends, databases, data pipelines, and more…)

I’ve been employed everywhere from start-ups to large companies such as Google. I’m currently at Etsy.

Read more about me.

If you’d like to chat or discuss a project, feel free to contact me at yash@yashparghi.com.

P.S. I also keep my blog here, but that’s mostly about books.


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